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The Product

Tap & Share instantly!™ is a 100% contactless, userfriendly solution for creating and maintaining mobile business cards for all devices.
You get , nature-friendly, mobile business cards for all occasions, both for your business or for you and your family.
Think smart: Protect your environment.

Card in 5 min.

Your first Card is ready!
As soon as you create your user account, your CardApp is created.
CardAppz lets you effectively build new contacts and maintain your existing ones.
The many modular features are powerful tools, so you easily can customize your own mobile business card.
NO Bluetooth & NO batteries needed!


Maintain your mobile business card in real time. Your CardApp is live in minutes.


Share your Card and distribute your message like never before. Just hold the card close to a smartphone and share. A mobile business card is never thrown out and stays always up to date with the recipient.


You get statistics and valuable knowledge about your CardAppz and your customers/users. Who sees your business card? When? Where? and what is being looked at? - Understand your users like never before.

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• Limited only by your imagination.
Become part of the future today.

Physical card provided by CardAppz™

Partner Program

Our Partner Program is a brand new, global concept.

Be part of the CardAppz team.
We welcome you to this unique opportunity, where you can join a business that wants to protect nature and the environment.
We look forward to our cooperation


All customers have access to our live support.
Contact your local CardAppz partner, if you have any questions.
We offer multilingual support.


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